Lillian Bjorseth


52 Ways to Break the Ice & Target Your Market

by Lillian D. Bjorseth

Starting a conversation ranks right up there with the fear of flying for some people. In fact, some of them enjoy the anonymity on the airplane more than arriving at the opening session of the conference. Now, they are "forced" to talk with people or stand alone and look as if they may be at the wrong event. For others the same fear creeps in even when they attend functions at the chamber where they have been members for years.

It is easier to build a better mousetrap than to let the world know you have built one. So what do you do?

We can help you on both counts! Read on.

Use the Ice Breakers to start conversations with ease. They can be used at after-hours events; company or civic, industry, professional or social meetings or conferences; trade shows; or training sessions. They help individuals and companies achieve better results by encouraging people to mix more quickly and effortlessly, to improve communication and information flow and exchange and to increase sales and career growth opportunities. They transform business-card exchanges into business-building exchanges.

The Market Targeters help individuals and small and large companies better articulate their target market, brand and marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can use these exercises with peers at chambers and networking groups. Non-profits find them helpful for strategic planning. High School and college business and marketing classes like them for hands-on learning. Large companies’ sales and marketing teams benefit from them, too.

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(Includes one deck each of Ice Breakers and Market Targeters and an instructional manual)

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