Lillian Bjorseth


Breakthrough Networking:
Building Relationships That Last

by Lillian D. Bjorseth

The art and science of networking is simultaneously trivialized and lauded. People dismiss its value or sing its praises. I wrote this book for the latter group.

Section One introduces you to my definition of networking and how networking is a sexually unbiased skill … yet the ole boy network still exists. Read why in this online social networking age, face-to-face encounters are still the preferred way to start relationships.

Section Two, the longest and among the most important, shares what to do before the event. Spend pleasurable and valuable time as you DISCover your networking strengths and limitations and how to adapt and flex to build better relationships. You’ll benefit immensely from the valuable tips and techniques as you learn more about you.

Then it’s on to how to polish what you say before you speak as you learn the art of impression management. Influence the 10 things people decide about you within 10 seconds of seeing you by knowing what appearance and behavior “say.”

Take time to create a relationship-building plan so that when it’s trout you are seeking, you won’t be fishing in a catfish pond. Determine your business focus and unique offering and define your target markets and where to find them … whether you are self or corporately employed. This will help you decide what organizations to join for maximum return.

Craft an effective Verbal Business Card – a tool I created – so that you will inform, intrigue and inspire others to want to learn more about you. Create more meaningful conversations that make you memorable long after the event is over. You will also pick up many printed business card tips.

Section Three equips you with all the techniques and information you need to successfully navigate and work the event. My “10-Minute Rule to Work an Event” will help you easily and sensibly move from icebreakers through conversational endings to increase your comfort level and success.

Section Four prepares you for the final step in the relationship-building process: how to follow up. I mix traditional with Web 2.0 methods and tools. The key is that you do it!

Happy Networking!

Breakthrough Networking


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