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Welcome to what could be a life-changing experience!

Washers and dryers come with operating instructions. People, who are so much more complex, do not. Yet you are expected to know how to get along with others as soon as you meet them.

The DISC language comes closest to being a universal “operating” language than any other tool I have found. It helps you understand why you and others act and react the way you do and how you influence people. Importantly, you also learn how to modify your "operating procedures" to ensure less conflict, better communication and more high-value business and personal relationships.

As one of the first people in the world to become an authorized Inscape DiSC®* Classic trainer, I have been helping people nationwide for decades experience often life-changing experiences, personally and at work.

Contact me to discuss how I can:

  • Develop customized in-house workshops..
  • Lead interactive, practical, bottom-line oriented retreats for boards of directors and top management teams.
  • Provide you with DiSC products to conduct your own trainings.
  • Create one-on-one coaching to improve your relationship-building talents.

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“First of all, you have an incredible knowledge of how to interpret and apply the DISC assessment tool. Secondly, your delivery style would make even a reading of the IRS Tax Code a fun experience for your participants.”

Roger Addelson
Former regional security
Officer, Information Security Services,
North America

“I rarely hear much new on networking; however, your adaptation of the DISC assessment to relationship building certainly is! It is wonderful advice!”

Jon Paul, executive director
Finance Leaders Association

“It is gratifying to see how the Inscape profiles and assessments have helped to expand my consulting opportunities. It is so beneficial for clients to work consistently with the same tools.”    

Kathleen Flanagan
Leadership Communication Inc.

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