How to Remember People’s Names, Part I

remember people's namesThe most personal thing you own is your name. You like when people remember it and use it correctly. Yet most people have trouble with this important relationship-building component; they have senior moments even when they are not age-challenged!

In the next three posts, I will share important information you can use to win the names battle!

  • Have a positive mental attitude! Decide this is one skill you want to improve. It will help you in your journey. Repeat this affirmation on the way to an event: “I remember everyone’s name I meet at the event.”
  • Take a good look at the nametag immediately upon meeting a person and listen attentively when someone’s name is given especially when there’s no nametag.
  • Repeat the person’s first name several times during the early part of the conversation. Use it occasionally throughout.
  • Be in the moment. Pay attention only to the person with whom you are speaking. Don’t think about the conversation you just had with someone else or the one you may be having with the person whom you really hope to meet. Don’t question why you came to the event when you could be somewhere else, how you got stuck with this person, what you will be saying next … you get the idea!
  • Study the person’s business card, if you choose to exchange cards early. Inscribe an identifying bit of information to memory:  title/company/geographical location/logo/business card design and associate it with the person’s name.
  • Associate the person’s first name with someone you already know (and, maybe, like!) – a favorite aunt or uncle, neighbor, teacher.
  • Choose a prominent feature about the person – hair color, earrings, mustache, eyes – and associate it with the person’s name: Linda, platinum hair; Lois, large gold hoop earrings; Phil, handlebar mustache; Wayne, piercing blue eyes.
  • Repeat the name when ending the conversation.
  • Repeat the name as you say good-bye to everyone you met during the event.

Next time, I’ll discuss why you may forget names … and what to do when you have forgotten. Check Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships That Last for many more networking tips, techniques and strategies.

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